Super Sexy Skin by Belinda Benn

super sexy skin

Super Sexy Skin is a book written by Belinda Benn with which you can look younger naturally.

You CAN have the radiant, youthful and attractive complexion you had years ago.…the one you dream about now when you look in the mirror and wonder; “why do I look like this?.. I shouldn’t look so old, so soon…”

And you can have it without loads of make-up – and without risky procedures & expensive treatments.

YES, you can have it naturally in 28 days..or less.


Belinda Benn

The Super Sexy Skin Program works in harmony with how your body (and skin) heals itself.

With the book Super Sexy Skin you will learn:

  • Discover the hormone-optimizing foods that help you exit the roller coaster of a toxic diet (enabling you to press the rewind button on your age and beauty.)
  • Gain access to my own delightful, delicious, complexion-enhancing, detoxifying, nutrient-rich recipes that will excite your taste buds, entice your senses (and make your skin absolutely radiant.)
  • Learn how to help your body heal itself from the toxicity that’s literally stealing your beauty – by increasing the cellular-protecting antioxidants you’re deficient in. (This is the kind of information that doesn’t just reveal your natural beauty… It also can have a profound impact on your overall health and wellbeing.)
  • Master a powerful, anti-aging Shiatsu routine that helps generate lymphatic circulation and gives you a natural facelift. (You won’t believe how easy it is to diminish that swelling around your eyes… or the puffy, blotchy complexion that drives you crazy.)
  • I’ll explain the most effective and safe ways to exfoliate the skin on your face and reveal a glowing complexion in just seconds. (As well as a tip about regular, every day sugar that will blow your mind!)
  • Feel amazed when I reveal a breathing exercise that singlehandedly oxygenates and detoxifies your blood – making you look and feel amazing, awake, aware and energetic. (Just by learning how to consciously breathe, you will eliminate more stress and produce a stronger sense of ease than you can possibly imagine.)
  • Let me explain how to use Essential Oils (and which oils to use) to awaken and nourish your skin – while filling your senses with relaxing scents that instantly transform your state of mind. (Create the spa-experience in the privacy of your own home every day!)
  • What facial products REALLY work? The answer will shock you. (Yes, you need to use something, but WHAT?!?!)
  • Tone your muscles, diminish inflammation, delete that unsightly cellulite, lose that gross-feeling bloat and start feeling excited to show the world who you really are!
  • You’ll have the confidence to put yourself out there in ways that only a woman who’s comfortable in her skin can. Maybe you’ll meet your soul mate, reignite your love life with your husband or boyfriend… perhaps you might even rediscover your passion at your job or business. The point is, when your organic, ageless beauty shines through, your world automatically just opens up… and you’ll be revered for just being you.


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